Urgent Information Pertaining to MMHA; AGM Date/Time, News (Milton Minor Hockey)

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May 08, 2017 | Tanya Croke | 1798 views
Urgent Information Pertaining to MMHA; AGM Date/Time

Message from the President; Urgent Please Read

Dear MMHA Parents and Guardians,

I want to thank all of the fantastic hockey players this past season, for competing so intensely and for representing both the Town of Milton and the MMHA is such an honorable way. We should all feel very proud of these young children and celebrate both the great times and embrace them in times of challenge. We have over 1800 children playing hockey in the MMHA and every one of them is extremely talented and special. The ability of these children and their respectful conduct both on and off the ice bolds well for the future of our Town.

It has been my distinct honour and privilege to serve as your President and I’m so fortunate to have witnessed so many amazing passes, shots, saves and goals this year. I have been present when teams have had tough losses and a Champ’s week game that needed a lot of extra time to determine the victor. I have seen amazing displays of sportsmanship and courage and been a spectator for many great house league and rep games.

Our children are amazing and the enjoyment I see in their faces is evidence that just having this ability, make us all very fortunate. As your President it behoves me to share the simple fact that our plight in hockey, whatever it might be, pales in comparison to what many in our community and our extended families deal with is their reality.

This time of year, being tryouts puts an immense amount of pressure on families. Last week I took a trip to SickKids in Toronto for business, I sat on a bench in the atrium and really tried to listen and observe. It was then that I realized that no mom or dad, no grandma or grandpa, no family, cared about hockey or tryouts for that matter. They had much more pressing issues and from the looks on some of their faces. Some had lost hope and were struggling to compete so intensely like our children do when they step on the ice.

I want to impress upon you the Owners of Milton Minor Hockey, that we have come a long way and that there is still work to be done to achieve what I believe to be the cultural change that the sport of hockey requires. Please join me at the AGM, Thursday May 25, 2017 (6:30pm at MSC), where your vote counts. I’m asking for your commitment to attend and I will be seeking re-election. 

I want to leave you with a link to a video that illustrates my point, please watch this 188 second video and take stock of what’s truly important.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MFrTJpdzkk

There are many more reasons why at sickkidsfoundation.com

All of our children have great ability, they have families who make great sacrifice; from a time, financial and support perspective. I want to thank all of you and your children for being part of the MMHA.

People often ask me why? Why do you do it? What’s in it for you? I have looked internally and my answer is, it’s the children first, above all. Watch the SickKids video and please make this your why.

Malcolm Kelly
President, Milton Minor Hockey Association