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Before Registering You Should Know ...

Milton Minor  Hockey Association [MMHA] is a member of the OMHA, OHF and Hockey Canada. As a member of these organizations, MMHA is required to accept and conform to the rules and regulations set by these organizations. MMHA also has established an additional set of rules and regulations that are consistent with the objectives of these organizations in order to administer the MMHA hockey league at a local level.

When a parent and/or player registers to play hockey with the MMHA, they are agreeing to follow and conform to these rules.

If You Are New To Hockey and were born in Canada...

If you have never played hockey before [anywhere], the process and requirements are simple ...

·         The player and parents must live in Milton.

·         The parent must provide proof of age for the player(s). [a copy of the player’s birth certificate or a copy of their passport]

·         The parents must provide a copy of their drivers licence to confirm residency in Milton. [a temporary driver’s licence is not acceptable]

Be aware that once you register to play hockey with MMHA you are bound to conform to the rules for transfer to another jurisdiction established by the OMHA and Hockey Canada should you later decide to move and wish to play hockey elsewhere.

The friendly office staff at Milton Minor Hockey Association are available to help you through the registration process. Please send an email to [email protected]. We will get back to you with the next steps. 

If You Have Already Played Hockey Elsewhere.
 Or were not born in Canada

If you have played hockey elsewhere in Ontario, or in other provinces or even in the US or internationally and you are moving to Milton [or already live in Milton] and you wish to register to play hockey with the Milton Minor Hockey Association, you will be required to apply for a transfer before the applicant can register with MMHA, regardless of the level of hockey played or desired.  (Please note this process is the same for persons who have never played hockey AND were not born in Canada)

There are different requirements for the transfer application depending upon ...

·         Where the player played hockey previously and ...

·         Their previous place of residence [even if they have always lived in Milton].

In general, if you have previously played hockey elsewhere and lived outside of Milton, the transfer process will require that the applicant produce some or all of the following types of documentation as part of the transfer application depending upon your particular circumstances.

·         A copy of the player’s birth certificate or passport as proof of age

·         A copy of the parent’s driver’s licence confirming your Milton address [note that a temporary driver’s licence is acceptable]

·         A completed copy of the Player Transfer Application Form [the MMHA office will provide you with the specific form needed in your particular circumstances].

·         An official copy of school enrollment in Milton or a copy of the player’s current report card from a school in Milton.

·         A copy of a letter to the school written by you, authorizing the OMHA or the OHF to verify school enrollment during the year. The MMHA office can provide you with a sample. The original of this letter will need to be given to the school at the same time that the transfer application is submitted to Milton Minor Hockey Association for processing. A copy of the letter should accompany the transfer application.

·         Proof of residency in the form of a copy of the rental agreement, transfer of ownership or agreement of purchase sale of your home or possibly a notarized affidavit from your lawyer to that effect.

·         A copy of a utility bill or similar bill confirming Milton residency.

·         A copy of any relevant separation agreement, custody order or divorce decree if the parents are not living together.

·         A letter from the parent’s employer confirming employment and residency address. The last two may or may not be required depending upon the circumstances of the transfer.

There may be additional forms needed for applicants from the United States or applicants from another foreign country.

There are several types of transfer application packages. The MMHA office staff will help you select the appropriate transfer application package for your particular circumstances.

The Approval Process

Once the appropriate transfer application package is complete and has been submitted to the MMHA for processing, the MMHA office will check the application to ensure that everything is in order and then they will submit the transfer application to the OMHA for official approval. If the MMHA office discovers any irregularities, they will draw these irregularities to the attention of the applicant and will help rectifying any problematic issues before submitting the transfer application to the OMHA for approval.

Be aware the actual OMHA approval process can be somewhat involved as the OMHA has to exchange information with and obtain permission to transfer from other associations where the player played previously. This may take some time. If the OMHA discovers any irregularities, they may request additional information from the applicant. The applicant will need to respond promptly to avoid having the transfer application being assigned a lower priority status by the OMHA. When a lower priority status is assigned by the OMHA, the timeframe for approval greatly increases.

The player cannot register with Milton Minor Hockey Association until the transfer application has been officially approved by the OMHA.

The MMHA office will notify you via email when your transfer is approved. At that time you will receive instructions on how to register with MMHA for the upcoming season.

Your transfer application is NOT the same as registering to play hockey in MMHA. Once your transfer application is approved your next step will be to register to play hockey with MMHA for the upcoming season.

You may register only after your transfer has been approved by the OMHA and you have been notified by the MMHA office.

Help To Get Your Transfer Application Approved As Quickly As Possible ... It is important for every applicant to understand that:

·         The rules for transfer are established by the OMHA and Hockey Canada, not by the MMHA.

·         Milton Minor Hockey Association is required to follow the rules that dictate the way a transfer is processed.

·         The OMHA approves the transfer not the Milton Minor Hockey Association.

·         The approval process by the OMHA involves obtaining permission to transfer from other associations with whom the applicant was previously associated.

·         MMHA has no control or influence over the timing of the OMHA approval process.

·         Attempts to circumvent these rules only complicate and slow down the transfer process for everyone. We understand your desire to expedite the process and to get the player registered as quickly as possible. The way to accomplish this is to provide accurate information, follow the rules and follow the direction of the MMHA office staff.

It Is In Your Interests To Follow The Rules!

The transfer rules can be complicated. The rules have been implemented because there have been numerous attempts to “bend” the rules or to circumvent the regulations altogether, thus making it necessary and more difficult for everyone involved.

Help Us To Help You ...

In order to ensure that your transfer application is processed as quickly as possible ...

·         Some of the information may take some time to acquire depending upon the timing of your move -
Plan early!

·         Be sure that you provide all of the information requested and that all of the information is accurate. Be sure to verify that all of the information regarding residency [name, addresses, contact phone numbers, email addresses, etc.] is consistent between documents.

·         If the OMHA discovers any irregularities they may request additional information before approving the transfer. Any irregularities in the information submitted will only slow down the transfer process and delay registration for hockey with the MMHA. Make sure that there are no irregularities in your application.

    The transfer application should be submitted as one complete package with all the required

documentation. Submitting information piece by piece is not helpful and the transfer application cannot be processed until ALL of the required information has been received in any event. Accumulate all the information required and submit all of the information together as one complete package wherever possible.

    If you insist that the transfer application be submitted when it is incomplete, there is a high probability that

the transfer application will be rejected.

The friendly office staff at Milton Minor Hockey Association are available to help you through the transfer process and will ensure that you are only required to provide the documentation necessary in your particular circumstances. If there are any irregularities in your current circumstances, be candid with the MMHA office staff. They are there to ensure that the player is properly registered to play hockey as quickly as possible. Holding back information about any irregularities will only complicate and slow down the process. You should also be aware that any attempt to circumvent the rules is not received kindly by the OMHA and in some cases there are penalties attached.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I am thinking about moving to Milton, but haven’t settled on a home/condo/rental. How does this impact me? A. Your player is not eligible to tryout for a Milton Rep/Select Hockey until you satisfy all documentation requirements outlined above.

Q. I have purchased/leased a home/condo/rental in Milton, but I don’t move in until after Tryouts. Is my player eligible to skate at Tryouts? A. No – unfortunately in order to tryout for a Milton rep team you must be a MMHA member and have completed the full transfer as outlined above.

Q. We have joint custody of our player, and one parent is in Milton, the other is not – is my player eligible for tryouts under this circumstance? A. As long as you can satisfy all documentation requirements above, including an affidavit that proves more than 50% of the player’s time is spent with the Milton parent, and the player attends school in Milton, then the player will be eligible.

Q. Can I register before you approve my residency request? A. No – the Hockey Canada Registry will block all activity by Milton until such time that the residency request is processed.

Q. I don’t agree with this residency stuff and I am going to file a false move. A. You should be aware that every Residency/Move request and all documentation is thoroughly investigated by the OMHA, and any false claim or misleading information may result in player suspension for a prolonged period of time, regardless of association (Hockey Canada).

Q. What is the process between the MMHA and the OMHA? I want to know more. A. Your documents will be reviewed by the MMHA for completeness, accuracy and format. Should they pass this preliminary review, the MMHA will upload each document to the player’s permanent member profile on the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR). Once each document has been uploaded and accepted by this secure program, an OMHA representative will review the submission for authenticity and completeness. The OMHA will then a) approve, b) decline, or c) investigate for possible fraud the move, and will notify the MMHA accordingly. Once notified, the MMHA will notify the member of the decision and next steps.

Q. I am moving into Milton but my player has no interest in Rep, and will not be trying out for a rep team, nor are they interested in being an affiliated player to a Rep Team – what process do I follow? A. Please follow the same process but in the title of your submission email add “HOUSE LEAGUE ONLY”


Welcome to Milton and we look forward to you becoming a member of the Milton Minor Hockey Association.                        

Sample Letters:


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